JAMES NESBITT’S Hair Transplant

James Nesbitt Hair Transplant

He’s one of the few celebrities out there who’s openly admitted to getting a hair transplant – but then it’s not like he could hide it! Irish actor James Nesbitt was very noticeably bald some years ago but nowadays can be seen sporting a full head of hair. This incredible transformation is the result of not one, but two, hair transplants. So if you’re wondering what it takes to go from bald scalp to full head of hair like this, here’s everything you need to know about James Nesbitt’s hair transplant. Continue reading

Has BRADLEY COOPER Had a Hair Transplant?

Bradley Cooper hair transplant

As a leading man in Hollywood, Bradley Cooper’s look is important to his box office popularity. He’s won acclaim for his roles in films such as Limitless, American Sniper, and Silver Linings Playbook, but would he have landed such roles if he was bald? The actor has clearly taken steps to avoid such a fate – but what exactly has he done to maintain his hair? Has Bradley Cooper had a hair transplant? Continue reading

Has STEVE CARELL had a Hair Transplant?

Steve Carell hair transplant

Hollywood funnyman Steve Carell: actor, director, writer, producer, and… hair transplant patient? He’s appeared in plenty of big films over the years but he’s perhaps best known for his role as Michael Scott – regional manager at Dunder Mifflin in NBC’s The Office. But in the first series of this hit sitcom, Steve Carell was very noticeably balding. So how did he regain his hair?
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MARIO FALCONE Beard Transplant (Pictures!)

Mario Falcone Beard Transplant

It’s another TOWIE transplant! But this one hasn’t gone on the top of the head – it’s a beard transplant! Yes, they do exist, and Mario Falcone has definitely had one! In the first few series of The Only Way is Essex, he had just a few wisps of facial hair. Now, though, he’s got a full beard. So what caused this dramatic change? Did he finally go through puberty – or was it a beard transplant?
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Has KIM KARDASHIAN had a Hair Transplant?

has kim kardashian had a hair transplant?

I know – it sounds crazy. But a gossip magazine has recently made the claim that Kim Kardashian has had a hair transplant. I mean, we’re used to seeing male celebrity hair transplants, but what about women? Hair loss affects them too. And to be fair, the reality TV star has been through a lot – different hair styles, two kids, the stress of being married to Kanye West… So, has Kim Kardashian had a hair transplant? Continue reading

Has SYLVESTER STALLONE had a Hair Transplant?

Sylvester Stallone hair transplant

Surely not! The Rocky and Rambo star is far too tough to be concerned with a little male pattern baldness, right? Well, apparently not. Sylvester Stallone‘s hair line is significantly lower than it was a few years back. He’s got fantastic hair for a man who’s just turned 70… but it’s a little too good. So what’s he done? Toupée? CGI? Hair transplant?
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Has LEWIS HAMILTON had a Hair Transplant?

Lewis Hamilton hair transplant

In recent years, Lewis Hamilton has become a bit more adventurous with his style: accessories, tattoos, and even crazy hairstyles. But it wasn’t long ago when the three-time Formula 1 world champion was noticeably thin on top. Now, though, he seems to be sporting a different hairstyle every week! So what’s he done? Has Lewis Hamilton had a hair transplant? Continue reading