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Has JORDAN PETERSON had a Hair Transplant?

Jordan Peterson Hair Transplant

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson shot to fame in 2016 with his criticism of the Canadian Government’s C-16 Bill. This controversy drew attention to his Youtube lecture series on topics such as religion and the mind. He’s also published a book, 12 Rules for Life, one of which is “Tell the truth – or, at least, don’t lie.” But has this unlikely celebrity violated his own rule? Has Jordan Peterson lied about having a hair transplant?

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MARIO FALCONE Beard Transplant (Pictures!)

Mario Falcone Beard Transplant

It’s another TOWIE transplant! But this one hasn’t gone on the top of the head – it’s a beard transplant! Yes, they do exist, and Mario Falcone has definitely had one! In the first few series of The Only Way is Essex, he had just a few wisps of facial hair. Now, though, he’s got a full beard. So what caused this dramatic change? Did he finally go through puberty – or was it a beard transplant?
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Has KIM KARDASHIAN had a Hair Transplant?

has kim kardashian had a hair transplant?

I know – it sounds crazy. But a gossip magazine has recently made the claim that Kim Kardashian has had a hair transplant. I mean, we’re used to seeing male celebrity hair transplants, but what about women? Hair loss affects them too. And to be fair, the reality TV star has been through a lot – different hair styles, two kids, the stress of being married to Kanye West… So, has Kim Kardashian had a hair transplant? Continue reading

Has ELON MUSK had a Hair Transplant?

Elon Musk hair transplant

He certainly can afford a hair transplant. As the 83rd richest man in the world – with an estimated fortune of $12.7 billion – Elon Musk is not short of a few dollars. But back in 2000, pictures appear to show that he was very short of hair. So did he have a hair transplant? Or is there a super-expensive miracle hair loss cure that only billionaires can afford?! Continue reading

Has RICH PIANA had a hair transplant?

Rich Piana hair transplant

Bodybuilder Rich Piana has become a YouTube sensation with his enormous physique and total honesty about the world of bodybuilding. From steroid cycles to eating 12+ meals a day, Rich has made a name for himself online by detailing exactly what it takes to get to his size. One thing he’s been less candid about though is his hair. With the amount of gear he’s taken, it’s lucky he’s got any left – and photos from a few years ago show he had some pretty advanced hair loss. So how did he regain a full head of hair? Continue reading

Has MARK WRIGHT had a hair transplant?

has Mark Wright had a hair transplant?

The cast of ITV’s The Only Way is Essex are known for their preening, pampering, and general vanity. Ex-cast member Mark Wright was no exception to this – fake tan, moisturiser, manicures and… hair transplants? While he’s always had a pretty good head of hair, Mark’s distinctive widow’s peak hairline seems to have crept forward over the past year or two. So has he had a hair transplant? Continue reading