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Has JORDAN PETERSON had a Hair Transplant?

Jordan Peterson Hair Transplant

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson shot to fame in 2016 with his criticism of the Canadian Government’s C-16 Bill. This controversy drew attention to his Youtube lecture series on topics such as religion and the mind. He’s also published a book, 12 Rules for Life, one of which is “Tell the truth – or, at least, don’t lie.” But has this unlikely celebrity violated his own rule? Has Jordan Peterson lied about having a hair transplant?

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ANTONIO CONTE’s Incredible Hair Transplant

Antonio Conte Hair Transplant

It’s one of the most spectacular celebrity hair transplants out there. Former footballer turned manager Antonio Conte has gone from pretty much completely bald to a perfect – and I do mean perfect – head of hair. How did he achieve such fantastic results? Who created this masterpiece? And how much did it cost? Read on to find out. Continue reading

WAYNE ROONEY’s Hair Transplants: Cost, Surgeon, Concealer, Results… Everything!

Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant Cost, Results

Back in June 2011, the Manchester United and Everton striker announced via Twitter that he’d had a hair transplant. Though not the first celebrity to opt for hair restoration surgery, few are as open and honest about it as Wayne Rooney. Since then, the soccer star has had a second procedure to bolster his barnet futher. This article will answer the key questions surrounding Rooney’s transplant: how much did it cost? Where did he got it done? Is it falling out? Continue reading

Has DAVID BECKHAM had a Hair Transplant?

David Beckham hair transplant

He’s probably the most famous soccer player of all time. But David Beckham is almost as famous for his hair as he is for his footballing talent. I mean, his free kick against Greece was impressive, but far more impressive are the sheer number of hairstyles he’s had over the years. Becks is obviously a guy who cares about his hair, and if he was going bald you’d expect him to take action. So, has David Beckham had a hair transplant? Continue reading

Has CESC FABREGAS had a Hair Transplant?

Cesc Fabregas hair transplant

It’s another football hair transplant: Cesc Fabregas. And while he’s never been as bald as some of his fellow players and managers, there’s no denying the change in his hair line. Before leaving Barcelona, Fabregas was noticeably receding. But by the end of his first year at Chelsea, he had perfect hair once again. Let’s take a look at the photos. Continue reading